Acolyte Guild

Ranging in age from seven years to adult, the members of the Acolyte Guild are (chiefly) boys and girls who assist the priest and deacons in guiding the worship of the Church.  Their ministry includes waiting upon the Altar Deacon in his preparation of the Eucharistic Elements, ringing the Sanctus Bells during the Canon of the Mass, lighting and extinguishing candles in the sanctuary, receiving the gifts of the People from the Ushers each week, managing the thurible when incense is used, and bearing the Gospel Book, the Cross, torches, and incense boat.

Monthly training sessions enable the acolytes to understand their duties and assignments and prepare them to assist the clergy during the Eucharist and other Church ceremonies.  As acolytes increase their skills and knowledge of the liturgy, parts of the church building, alterware and vestments, seasons and colors, and The Book of Common Prayer, they advance through five degrees of proficiency, from Novice to Master.  This is designated by the color of ribbon securing the Cross each acolyte wears:  Black Cord (Novice); Violet Ribbon (First Degree); Red Ribbon (Second Degree); White Ribbon (Senior); Gold Ribbon (Master Acolyte).

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